7 de febrero de 2014

Portada y Sinopsis Revelada: Battle Angel de Scott Speer

We are so excited to be bringing you the exclusive cover reveal of Scott Speer’s Battle Angel today! Battle Angel is the third installment of the Immortal City series (which began with Immortal City and continued with Natural Born Angel). In Immortal City, we find a world in which angels are real, and not only that, they’re celebrities. But what happens when a normal teenage girl falls in love with one of them? We were lucky enough to get to chat with the author, Scott Speer, who is no stranger to the inner workings of Hollywood and celebrity—he’s a super talented music video and film director whose new TV series, Finding Carter, was just picked up by MTV!
Can you give us the scoop on what the Immortal City series is about?
The Immortal City series takes place in an alternate Los Angeles called Angel City, where Guardian Angels are celebrities who save humans for money. They are wildly famous and rich, living in mansions and driving Lamborghinis, and are idolized by throngs of devoted fans. The series is told through the eyes of Maddy Montgomery, a senior at Angel City High and the only girl in the city who doesn’t seem to care about the Immortals or their lifestyle. When, one night, she accidentally runs into Jackson Godspeed, the most famous Guardian Angel, a journey of romance, hidden destinies, and deadly consequences begins.
What can we expect from BATTLE ANGEL?
Battle Angel is the third—and final—book in the series. It finds Maddy and the Angels facing an army of demons rising from below the Pacific Ocean to overtake Angel City—and eventually the world. Meanwhile, Maddy’s complicated relationship with Jacks is put to the ultimate test when Tom, the human who comes into Maddy’s life in Natural Born Angel (Book 2), proposes to her. Alliances will be broken, promises will be made, and Maddy will ultimately be forced to choose between Angels and humans, between Jacks and Tom, and between life and death.  
What do you think of the covers for the series? Do they do a good job of representing the books?
My favorite covers are the book 1 and 2 hardcover editions, as they are images of Jacks and Maddy, respectively. What I like about the Book 3 cover is we get a little more scope in the image, and we get to see Angel City itself. In a similar way, the third book expands the horizons of the series to include epic action, pitched battles, and ultimate life-and-death choices for all of the principal characters. I really wanted to write a book that felt like some of my favorite action movies—Transformers or Braveheart or Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.
Who’s your favorite character in the Immortal City series?  
The answer is as easy as it is unoriginal—Maddy. Maddy’s character really grew out of my own experiences and observations living and working in Los Angeles, and many of her experiences throughout the series are taken directly from my own. I do also have a soft spot for Detective Sylvester, a man who holds himself to the thankless standard of doing the right thing, even and especially when no one is looking.
What are you working on now?
I’m writing a new book that I’m very excited about; meanwhile directing in LA keeps me busy and slightly manic. My first TV series, Finding Carter, premieres on MTV this summer, while my next movie, Spinback, is currently casting at Lionsgate.   
Battle Angel will be released on August 28, 2014! Meanwhile you can pick up the first two books in the series, Immortal City and Natural Born Angel. And don’t forget to check out the AMAZING cinematic trailer Scott made for Immortal City. 
Battle Angel
Scott Speer
Immortal City #3
28 de Agosto del 2014

Traducción NSB

Se Va a necesitar  mucho más que la fama de salvar la Ciudad Inmortal en su hora más oscura... 
Con Maddy entre dos amores -el Guardián Jackson y el heroico piloto Tom-  y los ángeles y los seres humanos en el borde de una guerra épica, la Ciudad Inmortal es más vulnerable que nunca.

Scott SpeerEl Autor:

Es un director de videoclips nacido en San Diego, California. Actualmente es uno de lo mejores directores de vídeos musicales de Estados Unidos. Scott Speer nació el 5 de junio de 1982. es un graduado de la Universidad del Sur de California; se graduó en el 2004. Speer tiene un título en Estudios Críticos de Cine y Televisión. También fue al Mt. Carmel High School en California graduándose en el 2000. 

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