11 de mayo de 2013

Nuevo Póster + Still Oficial de Cazadores de Sombras: Ciudad de Hueso "Mundano/Simon"

“The loyal best friend. Learn more about him at Teen.com bit.ly/SimonPoster and follow him on mindofsimonlewis.tumblr.com #TMImovie #MortalInstruments #MortalMovie #CityofBones #CassieClare #MortalFEELS #SimonLewis #RobertSheehan” from mortalmovie’s instagram (http://bit.ly/13yH0wP)

*claps hands* I am so excited for you guys to see all the official character posters! I love how Simon looks here. A little mysterious, a little sad. Also, nice plug for your tumblr there, Simon.

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